Pendulums can be great fun. The answers to all our questions are hidden deep within our unconscious mind - pendulums allow us to access this hidden knowledge. You first need to ask your pendulum which way it will move for yes and no, once you have established this you can then begin asking it your questions.
What makes it work? Tiny muscles in your finger tips are connected to the motor centers of the brain and it is these motor centers that are affected by unconscious thoughts. Your unconscious thoughts cause the tiny muscles in your fingers to react and thus move the pendulum. This is called the ideomotor response. The pendulum then becomes a direct link to your unconscious. And the unconscious is where thoughts and memories are stored that your conscious is unaware of. The pendulum is a means of connecting with those hidden truths and memories. Using the pendulum this way is called pendulum dowsing--using it to find information.
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