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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products

Grasp your Angel of Vision to remove yourself from a problem and gain the detachment, insight and clarity of thought to see it in perspective. Briar Angels and Faeries are produced in lead-free pewter, ornamented with gold, silver and embellished wit...

A pewter circle of interwoven Celtic knotwork measuring 1" across, with an iridescent stone at its center. Made with an extra large bail to fit all sizes of chain or cord, this lightweight pendant may be simple, but it is far from plain.

Size 1 1/8" Diameter / 2.8cm Diameter
Brand new .

This amulet features a flower pentacle ringed by a circle of vines and flowers. Measuring 1 1/4" in diameter, this amulet is intended as an aid in the promotion and protection of any gardening endeavor, bringing the elements needed for successful gro...

A potent symbol of faith and divine power among the Norse, this hammer is frequently associated with the North, and the wild powers that exist therein. Use it to bring this fearsome energy into your ritual crafts, empowering your magic and aiding wit...

This tibetan om bone necklace is individually hand-carved, with no two peices ever exactly the same.
This necklace is unisex .
Adjustable length for easy sizing.
Please note that the pendant is slightly darker than the photo.
The ...